The Nova Network

Black, Asian and ethnic minority MVP Chairs have come together to form the Nova Network, a WhatsApp peer support group, supported by National Maternity Voices. Members of the Nova Network have been invited to participate in research and policy development.

The Nova Network has been established to provide a forum for lay Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) members to share expertise, experience and discuss relevant MVP issues. The network is open to lay MVP Chairs, Co-Chairs, Leads, Service User Representatives, and Public Patient Voice, from Black, Asian, Mixed and other Minority Ethnic background.

We embrace the use of the terms BAME, BME, People of Colour, Women of Colour and Minority Ethnic Group according to the members’ wishes. For ease, this page will use BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic).

We will embrace the richness of cultures both within our organisation and in our client groups. Having an Anti-racist approach will be at the heart of all that we do.

Where possible, we will help all who work for a Maternity Voices Partnership/NHS to improve their understanding of BAME issues, challenges and concerns.


Primarily a Peer Support Group on WhatsApp. We will share good practice issues and raise awareness of issues affecting BAME MVP/NHS volunteers in a confidential setting. An offshoot to this will be to ensure that wider MVP/NHS Volunteers, clients (parents) and Hospital Trusts will benefit from our raised awareness.


Group/Network members to take responsibility for informing all colleagues (National Maternity Voices Committee, MVP Regional Reps, Chairs/Leads, Service User Reps, Volunteers) about the group/network.

If you’d like to join the Nova Network, please fill in this contact form, which will be received by Toyin Adeyinka