We have developed a logo for National Maternity Voices (NMV) and adapted it for local Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs).

There are 2 different styles of logo depending on the length of an MVP’s name – long or short – as well as a circle version of the logo for social media profile images. We also have a version of the long logo that includes ‘neonatal’ in its strapline.

To maintain consistency across MVPs using the NMV brand, we ensure the colour palette, fonts, sizes, ratios etc remain the same .

MVP Logo Request Form

Please complete and submit your request for your MVP logo.

Usually 'PlaceName Maternity Voices'
We provide 2 logos: circle & long or short (depending on how long the MVP's name is) in 72ppi resolution. Tick all that applies to your request.
Cost Info: A. Standard resolution short, long or long with neonatal logo in PNG and JPG formats = £35 B. Additional high resolution files (in JPG & PNG = £5 C. Additional standard resolution circle logo in JPG & PNG = £10 D. Individual quote for any other specification The cost of B & C are based on being ordered at the same time as A.


MVP lanyards for service user reps to wear while collecting feedback for their MVP. We bulk purchase these and the latest batch are now sold out.

You can pre-order for September on the form: We expect lanyards to be available at about £5 each, in orders of 5 or more. Lanyards will be posted on receipt of a bank transfer. 16 or more may be sent on receipt of a purchase order from an NHS organisation with whom we are set up as a supplier.

Purple lanyards with the MVP logo and ‘Maternity Voices Partnership’ printed in white and with large (100mmx75mm) clear wallets for id information.

MVP Lanyard Order Form

Please complete and submit your order of MVP lanyards.

What is the name of your MVP?
How many lanyards do you want to buy? We only accept orders of 5 or more.
Postal address for your order
Name & Email of who to invoice for your order. Payment or purchase order required before posting.


We have developed a generic flyer template using Google Docs which allows anyone to customise it for their local MVP without needing any graphic design skills.

You can make a copy of the flyer in your own Google Drive and then edit the logo and text for your local MVP. It is also possible to update the images if you wish. You can then save as a PDF for printing.

Example MVP flyer

Open flyer template in Google Docs
Click on File > Make a copy… to save to your own Google Drive where you can then edit the file. You DO NOT need to request edit access.

Example MVP flyer PDF (243kb)