Annual reports

Each MVP should produced an annual report. This should be circulated to the funding body which will usually be the Clinical Commissioning Group. You will want to show how the MVP budget has been spent over the year. You may also want to highlight key areas of concern for future work.   It should also be circulated to the other members of the MVP, as well as and any other relevant statutory and non-statutory groups with an interest in maternity services. It can be published to showcase the work of the MVP over the year and can be used to encourage others to get involved and support the work of the MVP.

It need not be a long document, and it is helpful if it is written in plain English.

You may want to include:

  • A summary at the start which covers the highlights/key points.
  • The local context, including any key issues for the maternity service and an explanation of the purpose of the MVP.
  • How feedback from families has been collected and reviewed.
  • What co-production work the MVP has been involved in.
  • Plans for the following year.

Appendices could include:

  • A list of the members of the MVP together with their roles.
  • A maternity dashboard from the previous year.
  • Terms of reference for the MVP.
  • A Glossary of terms e.g. commissioner, LMS

Below are examples of annual reports from various MVPs across the country.  They give a great overview of the type of work MVPs get up to and their successes.

Reading Maternity Voices annual report

Bromley Maternity Voices annual report

Epsom & St. Helier MVP annual report (1MB PDF)

Maternity:MK annual reports

Whittington Health MSLC annual report (289KB PDF)

Maternity Matters Lancashire North annual report