Does the MVP chair need to be on the CCG payroll or comply with IR35 regulations?

‘Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) host and support Maternity Voice Partnerships (MVP) and should ensure these are led by user chairs and involve user representatives, as per Chapter 4 of the Local Maternity Systems Resource Pack for implementing Better Births. The user chairs and user representatives should be considered as lay participants.  NHS England uses the terminology Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners when referring to roles such as these.  CCGs may have their own policies regarding PPV partners, including how PPV partners are recruited, supported, have their expenses reimbursed and when/if involvement payments apply.  CCGs may choose to adopt the NHS England policies for PPV Partners and PPV Expenses and Involvement Payments.  These policies have been developed in collaboration with PPV partners and cross corporate divisions (including finance, legal, HR and governance teams).  It is the view of the Maternity Transformation team at NHS England that MVP user chairs would be classed as a level 4 PPV partners and MVP user representatives are considered level 3 PPV partners, as defined in the NHS England PPV Partners policy.  HMRC have indicated that they do not consider IR35 to apply to PPV Partner roles.’

Experience, Equalities & Experience Team and Maternity Transformation Team at NHS England, December 2018.