Who is responsible for funding a Maternity Voices Partnership and how are the funds held?

Chapter 4 of the Better Births resource pack (Coproduction with women and their families) https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/nhs-guidance-maternity-services-v1-print.pdf states that the “maternity commissioner is responsible for facilitating and organising any agreed funding”. Ch 4 pg. 18

Further London Clinical Network guidance http://www.londonscn.nhs.uk/publication/effective-co-production-through-local-maternity-voices-partnerships-a-resource-for-commissioners/ is available and includes useful templates and funding principles.

The maternity commissioner is responsible for organising the funding and different areas will adopt different ways of ensuring funding is accessible. One of the simplest ways is for the MVP to hold its own community bank account (these are relatively straightforward to set up) or in some areas the CCG or Trust will hold the budget (which should be ringfenced for the MVP).