National Maternity Voices (NMV) is the association of Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) independent lay chairs in England. We support and network MVPs.

A Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a NHS working group: a team of women and their families, commissioners and providers (midwives and doctors) working together to review and contribute to the development of local maternity care.

National Maternity Voices supports the co-production of maternity and neonatal services with service users by providing: 

  • A toolkit of template materials for MVPs,
  • Peer support networks, support and consultancy for MVP members, service user representatives, NHS staff and others interested in involving maternity service users in the development of services.
  • Training, Mentoring and events for Chairs, service user representatives and NHS staff.

Good practice in setting up and developing MVPs among commissioners and provider staff of maternity services in England will ensure:

  • Every woman on the maternity pathway has a chance to have her voice heard about the service she is receiving through an MVP
  • Every MVP is adequately resourced to engage in true co-production of maternity services
  • Local MVP chairs and service user members feel networked and supported in their role espanolfarm.com
  • MVPs are involved in work in their local communities and also represented at Local Maternity System (LMS) level

“Working together is really energising… it does deliver great results!”

Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead, Maternity, Infants, Children & Young People, NHS England – see her introduction to the previous MVP tookit

Maternity Transformation: Better Births

We work with NHS England to ensure women and their families are at the heart of the Maternity Transformation Programme. Chapter 4, Co-production with women and their families from Implementing Better Births: A resource pack for Local Maternity Systems was co-produced with NHS England and National Maternity Voices. We have written a short summary of the resource pack (PDF) about how MVPs fit into Better Births.