About Us

National Maternity Voices is the association of Maternity Voices Partnership Chairs which aims to network, support and represent Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) in England. 

We share ideas and resources which support NHS staff and service users working together in MVPs to improve local maternity and neonatal services.  We do not direct or supervise MVP chairs. 

The National Maternity Voices workforce of MVP chairs and former chairs work with the NHS to support service user influence and co-production of NHS maternity care.  In relation to wider maternity policy issues, we may gather and share a range of perspectives but we would not adopt a policy position because we need to protect local MVPs as open spaces where all views, including minority perspectives, can be freely shared and discussed.  

We are not a “national MVP.” An MVP is a multidisciplinary partnership bringing together service users and staff and led by a service user chair. All MVPs are local; there are no regional or national MVPs. 

Our Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to champion the voices of women, birthing people and their families in the development of maternity services in England.  Read about National Maternity Voices guiding principles, how we work and our vision.

National Maternity Voices Structure

National Maternity Voices developed from an informal association of current and former Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) chairs.  It  is structured as a community interest company (CIC) with MVP chairs as members.  All independent lay chairs and co-chairs of MVPS are able to join and have a say in the running of NMV.  Membership has no other purpose or benefit.  (Our articles of association can be viewed as a pdf).  Participation & Oversight in National Maternity Voices   explains how our member MVP chairs formally influence the operation of the community interest company.  This was agreed at our first General Meeting on Thursday 8th October 2020.   You can view NMV New Structure Explained here as a pdf.

Our third Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd November 2022.  See our news item about the annual report and meeting.  Current MVP chairs are invited to register as CIC members if they wish to participate in bi-monthly NMV Council meetings or formally influence the development of NMV in any other way.

Our Team

Find out about the National Maternity Voices workforce and advisory council.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to National Maternity Voices CIC’s use of personal information about our members, supporters, service users, people who work for us and those who volunteer with us. We take the responsibility to look after your personal information very seriously.