In 2019 National Maternity Voices co-created webinars with NHS England, aimed at everyone involved in the development and transformation of maternity care through co-production with women and their families. Links to view recordings of previous webinars can be found below.

Previous webinars:

19th November 2019
16th July 2019

Other topics being considered when the pandemic changed priorities include:

  • How MVPs can help to improve postnatal care (following publication of the NHS England & Improvement postnatal care guidance)
  • How can MVPs and LMSs support each other to achieve maternity transformation? (including how LMSs are doing on coproducing their transformation programmes)
  • The role of MVPs in clinical governance (reviewing data and offering a service user voice on commissioner and provider committees)
  • Co-creation: How can staff and service users best work together to create change?
  • How can MVPs and Clinical Networks support each other?
  • Continuity of Carer – what can MVPs do to facilitate progress towards Maternity Transformation Programme ambitions on continuity of carer

If you would like to help contribute to a future webinar please get in touch with us.