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These are the Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) across England and beyond.  Zoom in to the area you are interested in and click on a pin to get contact details for the MVP.  The pins are generally located on the relevant maternity unit and some MVPs cover more than one unit, so do check around if you don’t find one where you first look.  The map legend (button at top left) lists all the MVPs by NHS England region and lets you see CCG and Local Maternity System (LMS) outlines.

Please only use this information to contact the MVP Chair for reasons related to the experience of maternity care or other work of the MVP, not for commercial purposes or to indirectly contact NHS staff.

We are in all NHS Regions of England and the boundaries of these are shown on the map – North East and Yorkshire, North West, East, Midlands, South West, South East and London.   We are networked regionally, as well as acting locally.  We have some links to Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MSLCs and would be pleased to receive updates from them for this map.

If your MVP isn’t listed or you want to send us an update, please complete the form below.  We aim to update it within a month of receipt of new information.

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