Consultancy Service

National Maternity Voices (NMV) offers consultancy to NHS and related organisations to support service user influence and co-production.

We can support the development of effective and sustainable Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnerships (MNVPs) by: 

  • Assisting ICBs and host organisations with the implementation of the NHSE MNVP Guidance E.g we could review current arrangements (gap analysis) or help to build consensus on a way forward. 
  • Supporting recruitment of a new MNVP lead, producing documents, developing support functions for MNVPs or planning. 

“Absolutely brilliant in getting Greenwich MVP back up and running.” Jacqui Kempen, Head of Maternity NHS South East London

NMV can facilitate co-production with service users of e.g. health policy, guidance, training, involvement structures, communications or services. We can recruit, provide and/or support  MNVP leads or other service user representatives for boards, panels etc 

We can provide speakers on service user experience, engagement through MNVPs and co-production. See our accounts of the Service User Events for examples of MNVP speakers. 

National Maternity Voices people are skilled in co-production with service users and NHS staff working as equal partners.  As current and former MNVP leads, we are knowledgeable about national policy while rooted in the lived reality of maternity and neonatal services. We have experience of working with communities where significant health inequalities exist in access and outcomes, including certain ethnic minority groups and those living in the most deprived areas. 

Consultancy projects will be managed by an experienced MNVP Lead and can involve recruiting and/or remunerating other service user representatives or current service users as required. For localised work we offer a project lead from a different NHS Region to provide a fresh perspective. 

We are used to working virtually; face to face meetings will be an option subject to travel practicalities. All services are offered at reasonable rates through the NMV community interest company. For more information, please complete our contact form below.