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Following the 3 year delivery plan for maternity and neonatal services, we have updated the logos we provide at cost to local Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnerships (MVPs / MNVPs), adapted from the National Maternity Voices’ (NMV) logo.

Short/Long + Circle logo samples; actual logos are bigger & better quality

To maintain consistency in the logos we offer, we ensure the colour palette, fonts, sizes, ratios etc remain the same .

Price List

  • MS / ML: Standard Short*/Long* logo | 72ppi resolution | JPG & PNG | £35+ VAT
  • NS: Standard Long logo with Neonatal in strapline | (72ppi resolution | JPG & PNG) | £35+ VAT
  • MC: Standard Circle logo with MVP | 72ppi resolution | JPG & PNG | add £10+ VAT
  • MNC: Standard Circle logo with MNVP | 72ppi resolution | JPG & PNG | add £10+ VAT
  • Additional High resolution images with your order | 300ppi resolution | JPG & PNG | add £5+ VAT per logo
  • Additional colour and font information with your order | add £5 + VAT
  • For large scale printing requiring vector files, please get a specification from your printer and ask us for a quote.
    • *short or long is dependent on the length of the name
    • In cases where the name is longer than the maximum characters that can go on the logo, we use this county abbreviations web page to shorten some of the words
    • Standard logos are suitable for use electronically e.g. on social media.
    • Higher resolution is better for printing leaflets etc.
    • We aim to provide logos within a week of payment reaching us.

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MVP Logo Request Form

Please complete and submit your request for your MVP logo.

'PlaceName Maternity Voices' on short/long logo or Maternity & Neonatal Voices + 'PlaceName MVP' or PlaceName MNVP' on circle logo
'Additionals' ordered at a different time to 'standard' logos are usually charged at a higher rate depending on the time to produce them.
Please state the name and billing contact details for the invoice for your order | We aim to provide logos within a week of payment reaching us
Costings assume that a standard short or long logo is being ordered at the same time as any other logo option. | Please ask for an individual quote for any other specification - please note we only offer logos in the colours in the examples above.
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MVP lanyards for service user reps to wear while collecting feedback for their MVP. We bulk purchase these and the latest batch are now available.
Picture of lanyard
Light purple lanyards with the MVP logo and ‘Maternity Voices Partnership’ printed in white and with 94mm x 65mm clear wallets for id information.
You can order 5 or more on the form for £3.50+ VAT each.  We will send an invoice and the lanyards will be posted on receipt of a bank transfer. 16 or more may be sent on receipt of a purchase order from an NHS organisation with whom we are set up as a supplier.                                                                                  Back to the top


MVP Lanyard Order Form

Please complete and submit your order of MVP lanyards.
What is the name of your MVP?
How many lanyards do you want to buy? We only accept orders of 5 or more.
Postal address for your order
Name & Email of who to invoice for your order. Payment or purchase order required before posting.
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