3.13 Identifying priority issues

You will want to start building your capacity to identify priority issues for your Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) to address. MVPs look at a range of data sources in order to build a picture of what’s working well and where there could be scope for improving local services. It will take time to identify and access the various data sources that your MVP will use. Some places to start could include:

  • gathering feedback from your community. You could start with creating an online feedback form. Many MVPs gather feedback in this way on an ongoing basis.
  • Holding a 15 Steps for Maternity exercise. 15 Steps for Maternity is a toolkit designed especially for use by MVPs which uses an observational approach to understanding what service users experience as they access local maternity care.
  • Arranging for your provider’s maternity dashboard to be made available at MVP meetings.

We’d like to link to some examples of online feedback forms. Does your MVP have current examples that are working well in your locality? If you’d be happy for this to be shared here, please contribute via this form. Please say if you would prefer your resource to be anonymised. Thank you.