3.7 Partnership working

The chair/service user leadership team (e.g. Chair and Vice-chair) will lead and facilitate the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), but all members of the MVP share responsibility for taking forward the agreed work programme. Core members from the various commissioner and provider organisations will need to work together in between meetings, harnessing the resources available to them to ensure that work is progressed. It may be helpful to schedule regular catchups between the chair/service user leadership team and the MVP link people from the key organisations to allocate tasks appropriately.

NHS staff members of the MVP will be in a position to make connections with the appropriate senior level people in their organisations. For example, one designated clinical MVP member such as the head of midwifery can link with the provider patient experience lead and board level maternity safety champion to ensure they’re aware of the MVP. Staff members can also link the chair/leadership team to local patient experience teams, Patient Advice and Liaison Service and communication teams. This will help the MVP access any existing community links and contacts as well as helping widen / publicise knowledge of the MVP and its work.