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Do you share our vision of:

  • safer, more personalised maternity services that treat everyone fairly?
  • a diverse range of parents having real influence on decisions?
  • meaningful conversations in local communities, people working in partnership to make maternity experiences better?

Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) bring together maternity service users with the NHS staff who commission and provide them. They are trailblazing examples of co-production and empowerment.

Together their members:

  • Gather feedback from local women and families
  • Assess what is working well and what needs to improve
  • Work together to make improvements to the local service

MVPs are groups chaired by a service user who facilitates the partnership working and leads on listening to parents and co-ordinating action.

These groups have huge potential to make maternity services better, but a lot of the work has to be done as volunteers. There’s huge variation around the country in the level of support and engagement that they receive from the NHS and local groups can feel isolated. 

National Maternity Voices is changing this by supporting and connecting MVP chairs and by giving them a national voice. We know that they need more help than we can currently provide and so we’re asking you to consider supporting our work so we can do more.

Your donation, however large or small, will help to ensure that service users are at the heart of improving maternity services in every part of England. It will help MVPs to work on issues including tackling ethnic inequality in maternity outcomes, improving the safety of mothers and babies and ensuring that all those using the service are treated with respect and dignity.

This is how change happens. Thank you for being a part of it.

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  • If you are pregnant or a new parent or regularly talk to new parents in your community, find and contact your local MVP to get help or get involved.