Ensuring MVPs are safe spaces for all ethnicities

How can we make sure that parents from black and minority ethnic groups feel welcome and able to get involved in their Maternity Voices Partnerships? What can we do as MVPs to address the adverse maternity outcomes experienced by black and asian women? We invite both service user and staff members of MVPs to join us for this participatory webinar to share ideas about what practical action we can take.

Contributors include:

  • Jacqui Dunkley-Bent, England’s Chief Midwifery Officer: why it’s important for women of all ethnicities to be able to get involved in shaping maternity services through their MVP.
  • Toyin Adeyinka, Chair of Lewisham MVP and Maryann O-Connor, Chair of Greenwich MVP: our experiences of working to increase diversity and to reduce inequality.

Chaired by Hannah Lynes, Chair of National Maternity Voices.

Together, webinar attendees will consider what the challenges are that we need to overcome, what each of us can do to enable our MVPs to be inclusive of women from all ethnic groups and how we can help our maternity services to reduce inequality in maternity outcomes.

This is the first in a series of webinars being co-created by National Maternity Voices and NHS England which took place on 16th July 2019. View the Facebook event page for this webinar.

Watch the webinar recording

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