Documents & Resources

We are currently reviewing all our resources and will be publishing a new updated MVP toolkit over the next few months.  See the Review page for more information.

These template files can be downloaded and adapted for local MVP use.

MVP Terms of Reference

This template has been designed to help local MVPs define the purpose and structure of their partnership and agree on how they will work together towards a shared goal.

View MVP-Model-Terms-of-Reference as a pdf

Download MVP-Model-Terms-of-Reference as a word document

MVP Role descriptions

Here are some sample descriptions for the main roles in an MVP. They contain the general principles involved and can adapted for local use.

Annual Report & Workplan

MVP annual report template word file with suggested format for adapting to local requirements

MVP Annual Work Plan Template word file with summary page and action plan template

MVP Work Plan Template Excel a spreadsheet with time lines for activity + meetings


Social Media Guidelines

Here are helpful points to keep in mind with managing your MVP’s use of social media to facilitate aspects of your MVP’s work.

GDPR policy for MVPs (PDF 211 kb)

New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines for MVPs.


If you need a logo for your Maternity Voices Partnership then we can make a logo for you.  We can also supply MVP i.d. lanyards.  There is an MVP flyer template using Google Docs which you can edit and customise for your own MVP.