4.6 Coproduction

“Co-production is a way of working that involves people who use health and care services, carers and communities in equal partnership; and which engages groups of people at the earliest stages of service design, development and evaluation.”

A Co-production Model: 5 values and 7 steps to make this happen in reality.

An established Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is likely to be involved in regular coproduction activities with local providers, including the maternity trust, and others such as the health visiting service, children’s centres and specialist services such as perinatal mental health.

The evidence requirement for trusts to comply with the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts Safety Action 7 includes “evidence of service developments resulting from coproduction between service users and staff.”

Coproduction activities may be proposed by NHS provider members of the MVP as part of planned developments or by service user members in response to feedback or other data sources. Sometimes there can be different perceptions amongst MVP members about what constitutes true coproduction, so it may be helpful to agree within your MVP how you would determine that something had been effectively coproduced. This could be included in your terms of reference.

To help you incorporate coproduction methods within your MVP, you may like to explore these practical ideas for coproduction developed by Coventry University’s Co-creating Welfare project. You may also like to read about examples of MVP coproduction.