NHS England Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners Training available for Maternity Voices Partnerships

These two-day training courses are for patient and public voice partners involved in NHS England or supporting transformation programmes on a regular basis.

The course aims to support PPV partners to gain a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in order to effectively contribute to improving NHS England services.

Through the course we will explore how you can effectively work in partnership with a range of stakeholders to influence change and develop your skills and confidence – making the most of your role.

Travel expenses and overnight accommodation will be provided based on individual need. No involvement payments will be made. Course dates as follows:

  • Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 Nov 2018 – London
  • Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 Jan 2019 – Manchester

How to apply: To register, please contact england.ppve-learning@nhs.net

Details of this course and others can be found on Learning for NHS England PPV partners and staff working with partners (non-accredited courses)

NHS England’s Public & Patient Voice Partners training – from the perspective of a Maternity Voices Partnership Chair

“In my role of established MVP chair and LMS board service user representative; I attended the NHS England PPV Partners training in March 2018. Although it was a big step out of my comfort zone, I am very pleased I went and would recommend it to both new and experienced MVP chairs and reps כנס עכשיו.

The course is well facilitated by Wendy and Helen who cover a range of topics over the two days, using different learning styles and levels of involvement to keep it interesting and engaging for everyone. Some sections are fairly brief, but plenty of background/further reading is available for more in-depth information. I was pleased to meet members of the NHS Patient Participation Team, led by Gillian Fletcher, who also attended. They are very keen to support MVPs and hugely enthusiastic about their work ensuring the voice of NHS service users is heard and NHS services are co-produced.

As well as the knowledge and skills I gained, it was a great networking opportunity: I met people from all over the country in similar roles to ours within different parts in the NHS. I found it equally assuring and disappointing that they are facing similar challenges to patient involvement in other services and useful to hear how they have overcome the hurdles. Everyone was keen to hear about the amazing work of MVPs around the country and found our networking, support structure and shared learning inspirational.

Travel and accommodation expenses are covered, so if you have the time, energy and childcare available this is a very worthwhile venture!”

Ruth Prentice @Ruthtalksalot