Setting up an MVP

Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) should be local, (not LMS-wide) user-led and well-resourced with a team of volunteers out in the community listening well to women and their partners about their maternity experiences and co-producing future care with them.

Here you will find the information and guidance you need to set up an effective Maternity Voices Partnership. 

We are currently reviewing all our resources and will be publishing a new updated MVP toolkit over the next few months. See the Review page for more information.

Setting up a Maternity Voices Partnership: practical steps (PDF)

A summary of practical steps including budgets, administrative support, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) links, stakeholders and family friendly meetings from consultant midwife Pauline Cross based on her experience of setting up MVPs across South East England.

Effective co-production through local Maternity Voices Partnerships: A resource for commissioners

In 2018 London Clinical Network published guidance to support commissioners in setting up and sustaining Maternity Voices Partnerships. The principles hold although expectations of MVPs have increased hugely since then, particularly in the last 18 months. This “one-stop shop” guide for commissioners about MVPs contains the following:

    1. outlines the statutory obligations for CCGs to consult with the public and explains why MVPs are an ideal vehicle for them fullfil this obligation in maternity
    2. provides some examples of the impact of MVPs in London and beyond
    3. includes a funding template outlining what an MVP needs funding for
    4. includes a business case (written by a commissioner) for funding MVPs.

This resource was co-produced with commissioners, service user representatives and healthcare professionals. We hope to co-produce an update as part of the Toolkit Review project.

Resources & templates

When first setting up your MVP you will need a terms of reference, role descriptions, a logo and maybe a flyer. We have developed a range of adaptable templates you can download and edit to help you get started.

Gathering Feedback

One of the most important jobs of an MVP is listening to well to women and families. In this section you can find out some of the ways in which MVPs gather feedback.