Toolkit for MVPs

You can read an introduction to the Maternity Voices Partnership Toolkit from Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead, Maternity, Infants, Children & Young People, NHS England here

The Maternity Voices Partnership Toolkit is being addded on this page step by step during  2017. Documents that are part of the Toolkit (see ‘Who developed these resources?’) are labelled clearly in the footer.  One or two other resources are provided by National Maternity Voices (again clearly labelled) – you may want to look at who we are – a list of our national team members is available here.

1.’What’s it all about?’ an introduction to the NHS commissioning resource pack for Local Maternity Systems (a National Maternity Voices summary for service users and others)

2.’Who developed these resources? A team effort’ – co-production of the Maternity Voices Partnership Toolkit (work commissioned by NHSEngland)- Mary Newburn & Gillian Fletcher

3.’A commissioner shares experience’ – how to begin setting up a Maternity Voices Partnership – Pauline Cross (Maternity Voices Toolkit)

4.’What documentation do we need?’ Model Terms of Reference (Maternity Voices Toolkit)

5.’So what can these groups do?’ National Maternity Voices case studies – Maternity Voices Partnerships in action

6.’What information do new Maternity Voices members need ?’ For all members! (MVP Toolkit)

7.’Using social media – how to get started – a guide for Maternity Voices Partnerships’ by Mary Newburn (MVP Tookit)

Further examples of Maternity Voices Partnerships in action:

National Maternity Voices is pleased to be collaborating with Kath Evans and Mary Newburn to make the Toolkit resources avilable to all Maternity Voices Partnerships. The website is maintained and updated by Catherine Williams and other volunteer members of our team, on behalf of National Maternity Voices – do email us if you spot any errors. Thank you!