The experiences and benefits of doula involvement with MVPs

In a session with Doula UK, recorded for the Let’s Talk Birth Conference in August 2020, Saima Kara explores aspects of the involvement of doulas with Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) with some MVP lay members, and some of the adjustments MVPs have made during Covid-19.

In this video, Lisa Ramsey, the Service User Voice Policy Manager & iDecide Lead, Maternity Transformation Programme, NHS England and NHS Improvement briefly explains what MVPs are.

Bev Samways, Lina Duncan, Arlene Dunkley-Wood, Louise Print-Lyons, and Naomi Tolson discuss their experiences of volunteering with their local MVPs as doulas, including some of the challenges and benefits, especially during Covid-19.

Their discussions include examples of how to involve different groups in the community, as well as examples of ways women from different backgrounds and with different experiences have been supported to have better maternity experiences.