NHS75: what should we be doing more?

In recent weeks, with the NHS 75th birthday approaching, I’ve been prompted to reflect on what is happening now that we’d like to see more of.

Here is my list:

  • Really listening to diverse service users and using what is heard to make improvements e.g. Maternity Stories For Change in the South East and the recent ‘Neonatal stories for Change’ event.
  • Co-production with service users such as the Parent co-designed drug information for parents and guardians taking neonates home (PADDINGToN Study), shared during the recent Listening to and working with Neonatal Families event.
  • Service user led reviews of the care environment such as 15 steps for Maternity e.g. Kernow MVP report 
  • Sharing good work and adapting it for local use e.g. Derbyshire Maternity + Neonatal Voices Partnership’s Informed consent poster based on one developed in Devon. (Facebook post)
  • Quotes from service users being used for training staff e.g. in Sheffield
  • Telling service users what has changed in response to feedback e.g. this post about Induction of Labour from Fylde Coast MVP

These are just a few examples of the very valuable work to improve services done by maternity & neonatal voices partnerships all around the country.  See also our MVPs in Action pages. 

Louise Griew, workforce lead, National Maternity Voices.