NMV in the Health and Wellbeing Alliance

National Maternity Voices in the Health and Wellbeing Alliance: Featured Image

National Maternity Voices (NMV) is pleased to announce that we are part of the Maternity Consortium led by Tommy’s and Sands, alongside the Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network (PBCN) and community organisations: Five X More CIC, Muslim Women’s Network UK and LGBT Mummies Tribe. The Consortium is one of the 18 Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) groups that have been selected to be part of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance (HWA)

The VCSE HWA is a partnership between third sector organisations and the national health and care system, to share their expertise at national level, with the aim of addressing health disparities and improving health services for all.

As the organisation of independent lay Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) chairs, we are really delighted to be part of the Tommy’s and Sands Maternity Consortium, alongside other VCSEs. 

The Consortium plans to work towards reducing maternity and neonatal health inequalities, through the involvement of women, expectant parents and families in the development of health and social care policy in England.

It aims to seek and listen as far as possible to the diverse range of views held by all who use maternity and neonatal services, through members of the Pregnancy and Baby Charities Network and other relevant VCSE organisations, local MVPs via NMV, and related community organisations.

We will use our collective expertise to join up national and local voices behind a common agenda – to reduce health inequalities for families throughout the whole pregnancy journey from pre-conception and through the first year of a baby’s life.

NMV is uniquely well positioned to source service user input on any topic relating to maternity and neonatal services through MVP chairs and members, and connections with relevant organisations.

We are excited about the potential of the Consortium to enable us to develop our service user voice (SUV) work, and facilitate the involvement of diverse voices in co-creating maternity improvements, in a variety of ways nationally. The Consortium will make significant contributions to the reduction of health disparities across England through embedding a variety of service user voices in policy and programme developments to improve their experiences and outcomes. 

We will be launching our SUV opportunities mailing list shortly, for individuals and relevant organisations.