National Maternity Voices and NHS England joint webinar series

Over the coming months National Maternity Voices will be delivering a series of webinars, co-created with NHS England, aimed at everyone involved in the development and transformation of maternity care through co-production with women and their families.

The series kicks off this month on Tuesday morning (16th July 10:30am) with the topic “Ensuring MVPs are safe spaces for all ethnicities.”  The webinar will explore how we can make sure that parents from black and minority ethnic groups feel welcome and able to get involved in their Maternity Voices Partnerships and what can we do as MVPs to address the adverse maternity outcomes experienced by black and asian women and their babies. We invite both service user and NHS staff to join us for this participatory webinar to share ideas about what practical action we can take.

Contributors will include:

  • Jacqui Dunkley-Bent, England’s Chief Midwifery Officer: why it’s important for women of all ethnicities to be able to get involved in shaping maternity services through their MVP.
  • Toyin Adeyinka, Chair of Lewisham MVP and Maryann O-Connor, Chair of Greenwich MVP: our experiences of working to increase diversity and to reduce inequality.

Further details about the webinar, including how to access it (once available), can be found on the Facebook event page.

The draft programme for the webinar series is shown below:

July 2019
MVPs being a safe space for all ethnicities: making sure all women, especially BAME women, can access their MVP to give feedback and shape local maternity services
September 2019
Participatory appraisal: facilitating women in their own communities to gather feedback on maternity experiences
October 2019
Resourcing your MVP (informed by the results of the NHS England & Improvement appreciative enquiry)
November 2019
How MVPs can help to improve postnatal care (following publication of the NHS England & Improvement postnatal care guidance)
December 2019
How can MVPs and LMSs support each other to achieve maternity transformation? (including how LMSs are doing on coproducing their transformation programmes)
January 2020
The role of MVPs in clinical governance (reviewing data and offering a service user voice on commissioner and provider committees)
February 2020
Co-creation: How can staff and service users best work together to create change?
March 2020
How can MVPs and Clinical Networks support each other?
April 2020
Continuity of Carer – what can MVPs do to facilitate progress towards Maternity Transformation Programme ambitions on continuity of carer