Find an MVP

Map showing Maternity Voices Partnerships. WORK IN PROGRESS – the map is new and we are checking the links and contacts. Email us to share details to add or correct – thanks (National Maternity Voices chairs/service user members please use the thread in the Facebook Group – thank you!)

The button at top left lets you see CCG and ‘STP/LMS’ outlines, and the regional networks of Maternity Voices Partnerships.

We are in all parts of England – north, east, midlands, south-west, Thames Valley, London – networked regionally, as well as acting locally (we link to Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MSLCs too).

Our recent position statement on MVPs will give you an idea of our geographical locations to date – and showcases ‘innovation building on experience’. It’s a growing network, and we welcome both existing MSLCs/MVPs and new MVPs to our community of practice!

National Maternity Voices Position Statement on MVPs Dec 2016